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For beginners in the world of online betting, finding reliable online betting sites is a lengthy and rather time-consuming process. Which betting company to choose in Asia? To whom to entrust your money? The choice of a company must be approached responsibly. After all, this is kind of your partner in making money. That is why you should choose such a betting site that you will be able to trust. We would really like to help you in this matter and therefore we have collected the information you’re looking for, in which we will tell you how to choose a sports betting site.

How to Choose the Legal Operating Betting Sitehouse?

First, check out other player reviews and betting site ratings on the Asian online sports betting rankings. Recommended betting companies include betting sites that have ratings of 5 and 4. A rating of 3 points, in general, is also not yet a bad sign for the betting site. All betting sites get 3 stars when they are just added to the rating, and subsequently, the rating will be adjusted based on user reviews. Nevertheless, you should be careful with these betting sites, their reliability is either insufficient or there is little information about them, so you will reduce the risk if you bypass them all the same.

Best Asian Betting Sites

Pay Attention to the Presence of Betting License

You should always check the bookies’ license. If they have a license, then it is a reliable bookmaker. It means you do not have to worry about getting a win, an unreasonable blocking of your account or site. In addition, the presence of a license guarantees full compliance by the bookmaker with legislation. In particular, the bookmaker pays taxes on winnings. That is, the inspection bodies have nothing to complain about even with a great desire.

What you Should Pay Attention to?

  • Reliability. Sports betting has to be reliable. An important step in assessing reliability is the feedback of experienced players. Maybe even among your friends, there is someone who knows firsthand about the sportsbook that interests you. Find out if bets are calculated correctly in the online betting site, whether the odds chosen by the player are always taken into account, and if they are not missing deadlines with payouts. Some bookmakers do not always responsibly approach these issues. It happens that betting sites are not only late with a payment, but in general, they forget about it.
  • Availability. It means how open the site is for the customer. When choosing a bookmaker, it is important whether it is easy to find information about it: where it is located, its legal address, its contacts. This information can also serve as a criterion for selection. You can also find out how technical support for customers does their job well. How quickly and competently they answer questions, regardless of the method of receiving these questions: whether by phone, email, or regular mail. If you undertake to personally check the work of technical support, at the same time check whether their contacts are indicated correctly. For example, if the betting site you chose declares that it is supported by the Chinese government, then the address should also be registered in China, not the Philippines.

Should I Pay Attention to the Odds?

The criteria that should be looked at immediately after popularity are the odds. In fact, the magnitude of the earnings depends on this factor. The less the bookmaker is greedy, the more the player gets. The better option for you is of course the one where the odds are higher.

How to Understand whether Odds are Beneficial?

To understand how beneficial the odds are, just compare a couple of popular Asian sports betting sites with each other. Find the event that is presented in all betting sites (preferably a popular one), and everything will immediately become clear, so you will be able to choose a better option for rates. Of course, the process will require both effort and time.

There is also an interesting life hack from experienced players. They find an event in which there can only be two outcomes with equal probability. In theory, the bookmaker should offer a coefficient of 2, but then the company will not earn anything. Therefore, the coefficients are in the range from 1.80 to 1.95. The math is simple: the higher the coefficient, the more profitable it is for the player and less profitable for a betting site.

Are Withdrawal and Deposit Methods Important?

Of course yes! The following rule works here: the more options betting site offer for depositing and withdrawing funds, the more reliable it is. Of course, this is not a determining factor, but simply one of, but nonetheless it is that you should pay attention to. I would like to note that any respectable bookmaker must have an agreement with the bank.

Sports betting sites that have an agreement with the national bank are legal and this is extremely important.

This means that in the methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, it must have bank transfers, as well as transfers through plastic cards. If the betting company does not offer all the above, you should once again check its reliability.

What are Bet Lines?

In simple terms, this is the number of sporting events you can bet on. You no longer need to choose one that offers bets only for your favorite sport, you can now choose several at once. If before we could be surprised by the presence of some exotic sports and betting on election results, now even bets on the most unpopular football tournament in the capital Bangkok is on the list of regular things. Of course, most players do not need such things at all.

How to Choose a Betting Method?

You must choose the method that is most convenient for you. If you still don’t know what options are available, we will tell you about the most popular ones.

Betting Through the Telephone. If you don’t like to bet online, you can call the betting company and say in the telephone mode what bet you want to make. You only have to have a mobile or landline phone and that’s it. Most betting companies make such calls completely free for their clients, so you do not have to spend money on the call itself. Asia betting sites are especially good at phone betting, as it is common among Asians.

Betting Over Skype. Skype betting has just begun to gain popularity but has already won some fans. That offers you some certainty that the bookmaker is real because you see the workers of the betting service online. In addition, the fact that workers do not hide their faces provides the assurance that they are not going to steal your money.

Online Betting via the Messenger or Mobile App. This is by far the most convenient way. Being the proud owner of a smartphone or tablet, you probably want to bet on your device while lying on the couch and drinking coffee. There isn’t even any point in saying much about this method, because it is certainly convenient, fast and modern. With online betting, you can see all the betting options before your eyes and you can have as much time to think as you need.

Asian bookmakers betting

Pay Attention to Bonuses

When the company is ready to give you a bonus for registration, this indicates that they are loyal to their customers. Most betting sites do that. Some fake experts, however, spread opinions that bookmakers bonuses are useless and even highly negative thing, which bookmakers use to fool their clients. Such opinions are not fair and mostly made up by enviers. We don’t know for sure whether the presence of a bonus can turn into the fundamental measure for new players while picking a bookmaker, however, we realize that many people like bonuses, and subsequently we decided to cover this point in the article material.

Should I Use Bonuses Right Away?

Once you get bonuses, consider whether they are right for you. For most players, the bonus bookmaker program is quite important. The most important thing is to read carefully the bonus rules and conditions.

We remind every newcomer: before consenting to get an inviting bonus, painstakingly read the detailed conditions of the offer! Accrual of bonuses regularly involves certain commitments for the player, and so as to avoid possible claims to the bookmaker, you have to think about these commitments before accepting bonuses. You should delve into the conditions of the bonus, assess your readiness for them, and only then join in the participation in the proposed promotion.

What is a Loyalty Program?

Many bookmakers offer a monthly loyalty bonus to active players. Roughly speaking, at the end of the month you will receive a bonus of a few percents of your total turnover for the previous month. Obviously, such a program is designed for active players and is completely useless for those who bet occasionally, because they will not be able to fulfill the minimum requirements for turnover. If you are going to be one of the active players then of course it will be wise of you to pay attention to loyalty programs of this or that bookmaker.

Pay Attention to Support Department

Making an idea of ​​the level of user support before you encounter any real problem is quite difficult. What is important is what other bettors say about customer support. Therefore, you should check and read the thematic forum on betting, where there is a description of different online betting sites. If the company is reliable enough, they should have a group in social media networks or chat in WhatsApp.

In short – it is worth choosing a bookmaker who has convenient user support so that you can communicate with a real person, not an answering machine, or where there is communication only through e-mail. If you later have to wait a week to pick up your $ 10,000, you are unlikely to want to send an email and wait for a response for a week or more. You will want your problem resolved immediately, so choose a site with a developed support department.

Summing up

At first glance, it seems that all of the above does not matter. Each novice player thinks that he/she will simply come to any betting site and win millions. However, this never happens, even experienced bettors try to find a suitable betting site for themselves.

If the bookmaker is at the top – this does not mean that it will 100% suit you.

As you can already understand, choosing a bookmaker is not a matter of 5 minutes. For a large percentage of players, the choice of a good betting company can be a decisive factor in determining their profit or loss in the long run. You need to pay attention to absolutely everything: the deposit methods, bonuses, reliability, the presence of a mobile application. Remember that no one is rushing you. And you can make your careful choice and pick up a few ideal bookmakers for you. With a further selection of several bookmakers, place bets with the one who offers the best odds. Treat the choice of a bookmaker the same way as the choice of a bank to store a large amount of money. Here you should conduct the same thorough analysis before depositing money into your gaming account.

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