Racebets is an excellent internet gambling resource for any horse racing punter. The website focuses squarely on horse racing and offers a great range of betting markets for players interested in gambling on horse racing. Racebets is a specialized website that caters to the narrow demand in the market. Many gambling sites offer betting odds on games such as football, basketball or tennis. However not all of them provide good racebooks where players can bet on horse races.

Racebets fills this niche with a great opportunity to place wagers on various races that take place around the world.

It is a website that caters to the narrow market segment of horse racing enthusiasts. What makes this website different from others is its specialized nature. Most betting sites cater to a wide audience of gamblers that are interested in placing money wagers on a great variety of games that are played around the world. Thus they offer a broad market approach with many different games available. Punters can pick the sports that they like and gamble on them. Thus they are not specialized websites.

Many gamblers usually place wagers on a variety of sports and try to make a profit. However there is a niche market for horse racing that racebets takes advantage of. The website’s specialized focus makes it an excellent internet resource for any gambler with an interest in horse racing. Some 95% of the bets that are placed on the racebets website are horse racing gamblers.

Racebets betting site review

Home page

This racebets review shows that racebets is an excellent portal for horse racing betting. The bookmaker provides a good entry point into the world of stallion races. Filling up a niche market, racebets focuses on the stallion gambling market as not all gambling websites provide a good service of it. Being a specialized platform, it tries to be competitive with other online bookmakers. Some online gambling portals provide racebooks that allow placing wagers on horses. However, these often suffer from poor odds and limited choice of races that are provided. As there are gamblers that are specifically interested in the racing market, racebets offers an excellent opportunity for gamblers.

The website was initially founded in 2005 with the German market being given the primary consideration. However because racebets provided an excellent service to every visitor, the site quickly began to expand around the world. Being a racing website there were plenty of players that were drawn to it.

The company started both improving its services to provide customers with a better experience and entering other markets.

Thus in 2010 the headquarters of racebets moved from Germany to Malta. Following this the company started providing its services in additional markets. From the year 2012 the racing site entered in the UK and Irish markets and began catering to their customers. The UK gambling community is rich with race bettors and thus there was high demand for racebets services in the country. Currently the company offers wagers on races from some 40 countries around the world.

registrations at racebets

Registration window

It has a very rich sportsbook that provides excellent opportunities for racing betting. Not all bookmakers and betting sites have that. The result of this is that racebets is possibly the best resource for gambling on various stallion races. Although the bookmaker is highly specialized and caters only to a limited number of customers, it nevertheless offers a great service to their clients. A well designed website with a nice layout.

Accessing the site is very easy and the online bookmaker has made sure that the webpage loads really fast on every computer available.

Punters that are interested in gambling on various races will definitely find the website attractive. Catering to a niche community, racebets stands out from other bookmakers on the internet. This review of racebets recommends using the website for any client that is interested in gambling on horses. It is a safe website to use and has an official registration. The bookmaker often provides good odds and covers a wide variety of racing markets.

Racebets horse betting page

Horse betting

Punters thus should not be afraid of losing money or being scammed in some other way. Not all betting webpages have good licenses and sometimes gamblers can be afraid to deposit their money on the company page. Overall the portal offers good gambling opportunities and players should feel happy being able to place some excellent bets on races from around the world. The site is both safe and use and can be very fun for any racing enthusiast.

The sportsbook Racebet

The racebets sportsbook provides a great entryway into the world of horse and greyhound races. The sportsbook is designed to mainly allow betting on various races that are hosted around the world. Its selling point is the ability to be on horse races with both good odds and a neat layout.

The bookmaker is famous for its betting opportunities regarding horse racing.

The information is provided on the website in a good and casual way which allows players to place bets on races hosted in many locations around the world. Depending on the country a race is hosted in, customers can wager money on it. Lion’s share of all the income that racebets makes comes from marketing horse races to their clients. Any player interested in the field will find a great array of betting options in the sportsbook. After opening an account they can easily partake in gambling on horse and greyhound races. Greyhound racing is featured on the website and the bookmaker provides good gambling opportunities while offering multiple gaming markets to their clients.

Types of races available:

  • Gallop;
  • Jumps;
  • Trot;
  • Greyhounds.

Players can receive live streams of various championships and enjoy betting while watching horses race live on their computers.

markets racebets

Example of a line and markets

Features and options

Any client with an interest in greyhound racing will find the website attractive and easy to use. One of the nicest features of the sportsbook is that if offers live streams for free of all the major races that are unfolding. A willing player can watch stallion racing and wager various bets on the different horses. Not all bookmakers allow that. Live streams are simply offered for free to every customer of the company. This is a great offer as the majority of internet bookmakers charge money to each customer to watch the event live. Live streaming provides an excellent opportunity to follow the race and make bets in the process. Each bet can be placed with good odds while the customer is watching the race unfold. This can massively improve user experience. Races from 40 countries are featured on the portal and each race has information provided about it. Live betting can be conducted on the website on various horse racing markets. Horse and greyhound racing has never been that well presented by any other online bookmaker.

Live streaming opportunities of each race according to this racebets review provides clients with all encompassing and excellent opportunities to bet money.

Greyhound racing markets are catered to and the sphere of horse and greyhound racing is given the maximum attention by the gambling portal.

The live streaming feature of the website is excellent and sets racebets aside from many other websites. In all, this is one of the nicest gambling websites providing great betting opportunities to every racebets customer.

Odds Racebets

Racebets com gives plenty of information about races held in each country that is supported. The gambling portal has a set limit for minimum odds that are allowed at racebets com. These currently stand at 1.50. All the bets placed must take these lowest odds into account. A racebets client visiting racebets com is thus given an excellent set of opportunities to make bets on races from a wide plethora of countries. This review shows racebets com to be a genuine number one site in the market that it caters to.

Watching events unfold live on a computer can be extremely exhilarating to every individual interested in stallions. Racebets com according to this review is definitely worth considering for every passenger that wants both good odds and a great gambling experience in this niche market.

Betting odds:

Average commissionCommission in the prematchLive commission


When placing a bet on the site customers are given a variety of options to pick from. Although very few other sports are featured on the website, clients can bet on all the major racing tournaments available from 40 countries around the world. Racebets com is an excellent resource for stallion racing. Many bookmakers lack the opportunities for this niche market that racebets com provides.

How secure is racebets?

The company has a good reputation and it has been in the market since 2005. What is worth noting is that racebets began offering its services to clients in the UK and Ireland from 2012. Thus it has been licensed by the English government. Further, racebets has been acquired by the Betsson Group in 2016. This corporation is a trusted party that has been in the gambling business since the 1960s. The Group focuses on internet gaming market and is the provider of numerous games and internet resources to the population. If a user opens up an account with racebets, according to this review they are depositing money with a safe and trusted source.

Racebets license

Racebets is licensed by MGA

All the funds deposited will be credited to the account and customers will be able to make bets with their funds. It is worth noting however that race bets has been pulled from the UK market in October 2020. The company was founded and originally licensed in Germany. However it currently moved its headquarters to Malta and is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

The existence of official legal oversight and regulation of racebets means that the company is both safe and legally recognized.

It currently exists under a formal licence number MGA/CRP/108/2004 and is governed by official authorities.

Where is it located?

The company has its office in Malta, St Julian, which is a legal jurisdiction. It is based in the Dragonara Business Centre, located on the Dragonara road in the country. The postal address at which the gambling company’s office is located in stj 3141, Malta. Should a client have trouble with the website or feel that their rights have been infringed, they are free to contact the company. Certain bookmakers hide their location or any other important information from the clients. Racebets does not do it and it provides its official Maltese address to their clients. This is a very strong sign of safety and security.


Detailed information about the company is indicated in the footer of the main page

Being both regulated by an official body and providing the address to their clients are two extremely positive signs. This review of racebets shows the company to be worthy of accepting client’s deposits. Although some companies can trick their clients to make excessive bets or otherwise bet in a poor fashion, racebets does not do it. As long as the client abides by the terms and conditions of the company they will not receive any error messages from the server.


Opening an account with the company is both easy and fast and a client is immediately allowed to begin gambling with it. Overall the company has as good a reputation as Paddy Power, which is another trusted gambling resource.

Being the Paddy Power of stallion races makes the website both attractive and deserving attention from the gambling community.

It should be noted that racebets webpage uses cookies in order to improve client experience.

Anyone who is careful with their identity should beware of the use of cookies by the gambling portal. These are employed to improve both gambling experience and provide a better service to their clients. Although some users have called it a pants firm, the provision of stallion racing markets is unique on their webpage, according to this review. The name of the company describes what it does and the opportunities that it provides. The name racebets fits the company extremely well and places it above all other sites in the niche market of stallion races.

Support racebets

There are several different ways that the company can be contacted. Although racebets lacks the 24/7 customer service that many other websites have, it nevertheless can provide quality customer support to the platform’s users. The customer help is open for contact from 9am to 6pm seven days a week.

Racebets customer support page

Contact page

A racebets customer can also contact the support team of the company via live chat. Should they have placed an incorrect bet or are interested in finding out more they can use the live chat feature to make an inquiry. Further, it is also possible to contact racebets by sending them an email. Sometimes bookmakers limit the choice of contacting options to their clients and do not include an email address.

Racebets is available at [email protected] for any users that want to find out more information about the services the group provides.

An e mail request can be made at any time during the 24 hours. Although the company does not offer 24 hours client support, options such as email are available to the userbase of racebets. Further, a gambler can fill out a contact form that is provided on the company’s page to talk to the client representatives of the gaming group. This is another excellent possibility provided by the gambling company. Usually replies are processed within 24 hours and a user can receive a reply to their query.

Making deposits

The company allows for various payment methods on its webpage. A debit card can be used to make a deposit as well as a bank transfer. Overall should a user want to find out more about the various options that are provided by the company they can contact the customer service. Usually a reply is received within 24 hours. What is good about the gaming portal is that it does not charge any fees for making a withdrawal or a deposit.  Thus once a user has cashed out on the bet they have made they can safely withdraw the money into their account.

The payment methods that are offered give a wide selection of ways that a deposit can be made into the client’s gambling account.

The minimum deposit that is required in GBP 10. Once having made this minimum deposit, a user will receive a bonus code.

When entering this bonus code they will get up to 100% bonus on their first deposit of up to GBP 50. Thus a user can deposit 10 pounds and receive an additional 10 pounds credited to their gambling account. If someone has questions they can always contact the support en racebets com to find out more about the various options for making a deposit or a withdrawal. This review of race bets recommends using either the table of contents provided on the site or referring to the customer service. A user will need to provide their name and some additional details about themselves. Overall the service is good and should help clients both make a deposit and withdraw their money.