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Formula 1 betting

2015 Formula One season is about to start.

Some might wonder how that is possible if first race starts on March 15? The truth is that season does not begin with the first race in Australia.

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By, January 26th 2015
Casino, Poker and Sports

How the Odds Measure Up: Casino, Poker and Sports

When it comes to sports betting, casino gaming or poker play, the underlying theme is that of betting odds and probabilities. It should be pointed out that casinos, poker rooms... Read more

By, January 25th 2015
Meridan Bet

Meridanbet specials

Meridanbet is offering a few attractive specials that you might wanna consider when betting.

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By, January 25th 2015
NFL Betting

NFL 2015 Mock Draft

 With the Super Bowl set to kick off in about ten days, 30 teams have already started preparing for the draft.... Read more

By Mike Brest, January 22nd 2015
NFL Betting

Russell Wilson Just Wins

 Russell Wilson was drafted in the forty-first round (1,222 overall) of the 2007 MLB Draft. Instead, he decided to pursue his... Read more

By Mike Brest, January 20th 2015