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NFL Betting

New Orleans Saints vs Dallas Cowboys

On Sunday night at 8:30 pm (ET), the New Orleans Saints (1-2) will go into AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas to face the Dallas Cowboys (2-1).

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By Adam Curtis, September 28th 2014
NFL Betting

The Best Running Backs

Before the 2014 season started, the consensus top running backs were Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte and Marshawn Lynch. But, so far, the five of them have... Read more

By Mike Brest, September 28th 2014
NFL Betting

The 2012 Draft Class

The 2012 NFL Draft was heralded as one of the best quarterback classes ever. The class was led by the "franchise game-changer" Andrew Luck who was the consensus top pick... Read more

By Mike Brest, September 26th 2014
NFL Betting

The Remaining Undefeated Teams

So far we are one eighth of the way through the season, it’s been two weeks. It’s been two great weeks of football.

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By Mike Brest, September 22nd 2014

Chicago Bears vs New York Jets

This Monday night, the Chicago Bears (1-1) and the New York Jets (1-1) will face off at MetLife Stadium in a matchup that is sure to bring pleasure to the... Read more

By Adam Curtis, September 21st 2014