Arsene Wenger, the former manager of London’s Arsenal, has shared his thoughts on Liverpool’s quest for a successor to Jurgen Klopp. The iconic French coach suggests that Klopp should not be involved in the search for a new manager to lead the Reds, as Klopp is set to leave the club this summer.

Wenger expressed his opinion on the matter, emphasizing the importance of letting each party focus on their responsibilities. He stated, “Should Liverpool listen to Klopp’s advice regarding his successor? No, I don’t think so, unless Liverpool officially appoints Klopp as an advisor. You do your job, and you let other people do theirs. I believe that’s how organizations work well. Everyone takes responsibility for their role. At least you know who to talk to when things don’t work out. Did Arsenal ask me to find my successor? No.”

The advice from Wenger comes at a crucial time for Liverpool, who are in the process of considering options for their managerial position after Klopp’s departure. Interestingly, reports indicate that Liverpool has shown interest in securing the services of Javi Alonso, adding another layer of intrigue to the managerial transition at Anfield.

Last updated on 22 Feb 2024 - 18:37

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