Bookmakers want to make things with the whip disqualification clearer

Bookmakers requested the BHA to provide more detail on the whip disqualification as they fear it might have a negative impact on punters

Bookmakers faced a challenge related to the revised results due to the whip overuse. The rules say that disqualification will be used in particular races, where jockeys will exceed the certain level of eight strikes over jumps, and seven on the Flat by four or more. The racecourse stewards will suppose to make the decision of the day.

However, the issue is how quick these decisions will be made— and how the overall procedure will look for bookmakers.

The PR director of LadBrokes Coral claimed that bookmakers needed more information on how the new rules will work as they might seriously affect sports bettors who wager on horse races. The main issue is the speed of decision-making — when will the official results after disqualifications be announced.

The further negotiations with the BHA and their clarification might have an impact on the sports betting shops and sites policies related to horse racing betting. The bookmakers fear that in the worst scenario, the new rules might repel bettors from wagering on horses and lower the profits of bookmakers from the races.

Last updated on 13 Jul 2022 - 17:41

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