In the night of March 30th to 31st, Las Vegas hosted a thrilling boxing event featuring a championship bout. The main event saw Australian Tim Tszyu (24–0, 17 KO) take on Sebastian Fundora from the United States (20–1–1). The WBC and WBO titles in the first middleweight division were on the line.

Fundora stands out for his towering height (6 feet 6 inches), towering over his opponent. Because of this, journalists immediately dubbed the fight a David vs Goliath showdown.

In one of the early rounds, Tszyu suffered a severe cut to the head from an accidental elbow strike by Fundora in the clinch. Blood was splattered everywhere – on Tim’s face, his opponent, and the ring canvas. Judges and doctors carefully examined the wound multiple times but allowed Tim to continue the fight.

The Australian had to proceed cautiously, and his opponent did not exacerbate the situation. It seemed that Fundora wasn’t fully utilizing his advantage in anthropometry, as his jabs could have been much sharper.

The rest of the bout proceeded roughly evenly, and after 12 rounds, it all came down to the judges’ scorecards.

With a split decision (two against one), Fundora became the WBC and WBO world champion in the first middleweight division. This marked Tim Tszyu’s first defeat in his career.

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