Las Vegas Sands has acquired a plot of land in Texas spanning over 400,000 square meters. There, they could potentially build a casino and an arena for the Dallas Mavericks.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. has purchased 108 acres (about 437,000 square meters) in Irving, Texas, near stadiums where the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys play. Market experts believe Sands might construct their new integrated resort here when gambling is legalized in the state.

Company representatives declined to comment on the specific purpose of this land, but the area is sufficiently large for building an integrated resort-casino with a new arena for the NBA club, the Dallas Mavericks.

Miriam Adelson, a controlling shareholder of Sands, sold $2 billion worth of Sands shares earlier in the month to finance the purchase of a controlling stake in the Mavericks from Dallas-based billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

A Sands representative stated that the company had long demonstrated interest in Texas and might pursue additional property investments in the future.

Las Vegas Sands has been lobbying Texas lawmakers for years to legalize gambling.

The next legislative session on this matter in the state is scheduled for the year 2025.

Last updated on 12 Dec 2023 - 18:31

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