Consulting company Brand Finance has recognized “Manchester City” as the most valuable football brand in the world. Six Premier League teams made it to the top 10. The brand value of “Man City” increased by 13% in a year, reaching €1.51 billion. Madrid’s “Real” lost the top spot for the first time in four years. The brand value of the “royal club” was estimated at €1.46 billion.

The top 10 most valuable football brands, according to Brand Finance, are as follows:

  1. “Manchester City” – €1.51 billion
  2. “Real” – €1.46 billion
  3. “Barcelona” – €1.37 billion
  4. “Manchester United” – €1.36 billion
  5. “Liverpool” – €1.36 billion
  6. “PSG” – €1.13 billion
  7. “Bayern” – €1.1 billion
  8. “Arsenal” – €0.91 billion
  9. “Tottenham” – €0.9 billion
  10. “Chelsea” – €0.86 billion

“Manchester City” has the chance to win the Champions League for the first time. In the final match, the “Citizens” will play against “Milan.” The match will take place in Istanbul on June 10th.

Last updated on 07 Jun 2023 - 17:48

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