As Euro 2024 reaches its climax, the final showdown will see Spain face off against England. According to bookmakers, Spain is favored to win, with an average betting odds of 2.5 for their victory. In contrast, England’s chances are rated with an average odds of 3.55.

The Road to the Final

Both teams have had a challenging path to the final. Spain, after advancing from the group stage, defeated Georgia, Germany, and France in the knockout rounds. Meanwhile, Gareth Southgate’s England team overcame Slovakia, Switzerland, and the Netherlands to secure their spot in the final.

Despite the formidable opponents both teams have faced, experts lean towards Spain as the favorites. Analysts highlight the consistent and confident performance of “La Roja” throughout the tournament. The eagerly anticipated final match is set to take place on July 14.

As fans from around the world prepare for this epic finale, the question remains: will Spain secure another European title, or will England triumph and bring the trophy home?

Last updated on 11 Jul 2024 - 19:18

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