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The Kentucky Wildcats recruited Jackson after his training class in 2020 and he still was not the one who gained much attention from the fan community and the media. However, the experts claim that he can be named a high-potential player and can bring significant profit to Wildcats in the upcoming season. According to the sources, it is a logical and prosperous step from the Wildcats recruitment management to ignore the underestimation of this player and include him into the team.

The records show that Jackson is capable of blocking shots no worse than the former players at his position. His physical form and the stamina presumes that has all chances to show decent performance in the major events and become the partner for the teammates.

According to Travis Graf, who is regarded as an outstanding scout and the experienced analysts in the field of basketball recruiting, Jackson’s performance has been undervalued before so the Wildcats update line-up is the reasonable choice.

Travis Graf, one of the best scouts and recruiting analysts in the game surrounding the Kentucky Wildcats even backed up Jones’ statement that Jackson is a lot better than people realized.

During the press conference with the Wildcats coach, Jackson was named a possible pretendent for becoming a one-and-done; in addition, coach Lucas said that Jackson has been constantly improving his performance. Lucas determined Jackson is a “very special” freshman player.

This news event stirred up basketball enthusiasts and they are closely monitoring further developments of the Kentucky team and look forward to Jackson proving his right to be named a new rising star.

Last updated on 05 Oct 2021 - 15:40

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