Online gambling in Mexico is expected to grow by 70% in the next three years. The Mexican Association of Gambling Equipment Suppliers (AIEJA) has forecasted this growth due to restrictions imposed by authorities on the offline sector in November.

According to amendments to the Federal Law on Gambling and Lotteries, Mexico will no longer issue permits for opening new gambling establishments, focusing instead on online activities.

Miguel Ángel Ochoa, the president of AIEJA, stated, “In fact, the state prohibits the opening of new venues in the country, leading to a gradual shift of the audience towards online.” Ochoa estimates the potential sector growth to be 70%, meaning that revenue could reach $4.63 billion.

Currently, around 17.3% of Mexicans with internet access participate in the online gaming market. Market participants anticipate an increase in online casino users to reach 31.6 million by the end of 2028.

Last updated on 12 Jan 2024 - 19:48

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