Occasionally, things don’t go as planned, which is fine. Therefore, if you’ve decided to close your BetMGM account, we’ll walk you through the process of how to delete BetMGM account swiftly and efficiently.

The odds may not be competitive, you’re betting too much, or you’re having technical difficulties with the BetMGM app. Regardless of the reason, you’ve decided to close your account and are confused about how to proceed. The good thing is that you can easily erase your BetMGM sportsbook or BetMGM online casino account.

MGM Resorts is a household name in the gambling industry. Additionally, the firm has made ripples in the sports betting market. BetMGM has grown to become one of the most popular online operators in the United States of America for sports bettors. It is a market leader in the US for sports betting sites, ranking alongside DraftKings and FanDuel.

Numerous sports betting markets, a diverse selection of bet kinds, and an exceptional customer service team distinguish this online sportsbook.

However, you may have been suspended or closed from your BetMGM account, are receiving service closure error messages, and are now looking for some alternative betting sites.

If you’ve decided that canceling your betting online account is the best course of action, you may be wondering how to proceed. It has to be as simple as possible to get your account deleted, so we’ve put some helpful information below on how to do that.

Instructions for Closing & Deleting Your BetMGM Account

So, you’ve made your initial deposit with BetMGM, but you’re unable to cash out due to your inability to play. You’ve attempted to gamble multiple times but have decided that closing your account is the wisest course of action, and you’d like to delete your bank account from BetMGM. If you’re experiencing too many issues with the website and are ready to move on, one option to remove your account is to email the customer care team requesting deletion.

You can accomplish this by following the instructions below:


Create an email


In the to address line, enter nj@betmgm.com.

Note! There is a separate customer support email for every state, where BetMGM is legal


Enter ‘Request to remove my BetMGM Account’ in the subject line to ensure your message is delivered to the appropriate team.


You may explain if you desire, but you don’t have to.


Include your username in the message body.


Make it abundantly clear that you are terminating your sports betting account.


If any money remains in your account, you may request to make a withdrawal.

Keep in mind that after your BetMGM account is canceled, there is no way to permanently delete all of your personal information. Yes, all of your accounts will be terminated, and you will be unable to wager on them. However, the operator will retain your personal information.

How to Delete BetMGM Account

Website contact section

The main reason for this is that if you later want to open a new account and claim another customer bonus or promotion, the operator will know that you already used up your welcome bonus on your old account.

While you open an account to earn money, you don’t want the balance to swing so much in the opposite direction that you develop an addiction. Additionally, you may be struggling with gambling addiction and wish to close your account out of worry for your well-being. We believe you should unsubscribe from BetMGM emails immediately if this is the case.

Users can opt-out of emails by clicking the spam button in their email account. We recommend that you do not do this until the account is canceled and you have received confirmation from BetMGM that the account is no longer in use. Additionally, wait for BetMGM to deliver you any money available before deleting your account.

How to Close Your Account Via Phone

If you’d prefer to chat with someone personally, you can contact BetMGM via their customer service team. While many customers prefer to speak with someone about deposits and withdrawals rather than email, we believe that writing remains the best alternative. This is because any email you send will include a date and time stamp. Then, if an issue arises or something goes wrong, you will have written confirmation of your request.

If you are adamant about calling, the customer service staff can be reached at 609-248-9531.

Consider the Following Alternatives

If you want to continue sports betting and are looking for a different solution, check out these BetMGM alternatives. There are now some fantastic possibilities for sports betting. Among the greatest sports betting applications available are the following:

  • WynnBET
  • PointsBet
  • Sportsbook Caesars

All of the above offer exceptional wagering services and a diverse selection of betting markets. If this is the conclusion of your relationship with BetMGM sportsbook and casino, it does not have to be the ending of your betting.

Last updated on 24 Jan 2023 - 18:33

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